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Inspiration Is Everywhere

  • Stars and Straps Quilt Process Video

    Watch me work on the Stars and Straps Throw Quilt in this short video. The video, shot over the course of a week or so, goes step by step through the process of making each block and then turning them into the finished quilt top. Through the magic of video editing, something that took me more than a week is condensed into about 8 minutes of viewing fun. Enjoy!
  • From Sketch to Quilt: House Rules

    A walk through from sketch to finished mini quilt for the Curated Quilts March 2019 mini quilt challenge "Well Said." The quilt "House Rules" expresses value statements through hand and die cut letters set in a house with a modern quilted background of a modified rainbow. Join me as I show you how I came up with the quilt's inspiration and worked from sketch to finished mini quilt ready to submit for publication.