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Inspiration Is Everywhere

  • Quilts in the Garden

    I took a few pictures of my Toucan Fiesta Throw Quilt along my fence row garden and noticed how the colors perfectly matched a blooming D'Or Day Lilly peaking out from under a fence rail. In the Instagram comment I made a glib statement about how I was going to make all of my quilts match flowers in the garden. From glib Instagram comment to personal challenge. What if I tried to see how many of my quilts had floral compliments growing outside my studio? From glib Instagram comment to personal challenge. Here is what I discovered.
  • Field Trip: Flower Shopping at Halligan's Greenhouse

    Join me for a field trip to local family owned and operated Halligan's Greenhouse in Thompsontown, Pennsylvania, USA. Learn the story behind the business, why I love it and enjoy a short video of the outing with planting demonstration.