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FREE Project Planning Page PDF Printable

FREE Project Planning Page PDF Printable

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FREE printable project page I use when working on a project or custom order request. Not specific for quilt or sewing projects. Use the Project Planning Page for whatever special projects you want to tackle in 2020 or beyond! The project and client information is helpful with any communication regarding the project; the sketch and note section provides a great space to work out ideas; the fabrics and supplies checklist keeps everything organized; and the progress notes section helps keep you on track throughout every step. 

The Project Planning Page Printable was designed by me, Janice Bailor and is copyright protected 2019. All rights reserved. It is illegal to redistribute this printable in hard copy or electronic form without my permission.

Copyright and Use Notes:

  • This printable is copyright protected. Copyright expressly forbids sale, copying, forwarding or any other form of distribution of the printable without consent of the creator, Janice Bailor or her heirs or assigns.
  • Printable rights of use are for the original individual purchaser only. DO NOT copy or mass produce.
  • Copyright for this printable does allow use for handmade business or Cottage Industry License, provided all following requirements are met.
    • Retain original purchase receipt as proof of purchase.
    • Reproduction must be made by original individual purchaser of the printable.
    • Pages cannot be mass produced and must be printed for personal use only.
    • Page design credit must be given to Janice Bailor and specifically placed in the use or any advertisement of the item.
    • A direct link to the original printable must be included in any listing or advertisement of the item.

If you have any questions regarding use of the printable, email me at laruedefleurs@gmail.com