Beautiful You Strip Patchwork Minky Blanket

The Beautiful You Patchwork Minky Blanket has all of the favorite features of this collection, but with a twist. Rather than square piecing creating the patchwork effect, Beautiful You is strip pieced in a bright color pallet and theme of expressive floral and geometric prints in a navy, green, pink, coral and gold combination, finished with a minky backing in swirl pink. Finished with a wide grid stitching to reinforce the top and edges, the blanket measures 44 by 55 inches. Additional details can be found in the Etsy shop listing as well as the purchase price and shipping details. Here is a short YouTube commercial I made showing the Beautiful You Patchwork Minky Blanket.

Here is an additional detailed photograph showing the beautiful designer fabrics comprising the blanket. To purchase the Beautiful You Patchwork Minky Blanket, or other minky blankets from the collection, please visit La Rue de Fleurs on Etsy or follow the link: Beautiful You Minky Blanket.

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