Lana Bates Memorial Quilt Project

Quilting in particular typically has a lot of stories or purpose behind each make far beyond the fabrics and layout chosen, and often the tale behind the quilt is as beautiful as the quilt itself. I would like to tell some of those stories in relation to the half-completed quilts of the late Lanan Bates. Lana Bates is my late aunt who died from cancer in 2009 at just 54 years old. An avid quilter and crafter, she left behind a box of unfinished quilts which I then received from my cousin. This series is a documentation of the project and process as I work on completing the quilts. Each quilt will be worked on and complete one (or more) of the quilt projects per quarter, document the process, include personal history and/ project-specific history, and then sell each project at the end of its quarter for proceeds to benefit women’s cancer organizations in the names of Lana Bates and Donna Hagstrom, my late mother, Lana’s sister, who also died from cancer just a little over a year after Lana.

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Spring Florals Quilt As You Go with Applique

Project One, January – March 2021

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Birdhouse Quilt and Pinwheels Wall Hanging

Project Two, February 2022

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Four Seasons Quilt with Button Details

Project Three, 2022

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Bear Paw Quilt and Snowman Wall Hanging

Project Four, 2022

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