Quarter One 2021 Projects and Plans Review Video

I am finally able to find a few pockets of quiet, uninterrupted time around here again and I am resuming some face to face video chats. Ideally, I would like to get back to a quarterly project review and planning video where I can showcase what I’ve been up to and chat about what worked, what didn’t and what I plan to work on next. The videos are informal and take place in my studio (now with better lighting!)

In the first video for 2021, I am lightly recapping my 2020 and showing the few makes I have from the year that are not masks. I also chat about how I have now gotten into virtual teaching and how I plan to expand on that knowledge in 2021 and beyond. A planned virtual quilting class perfect for beginners and including an original pattern is already in the works! In addition to my teaching plans, I will also be working throughout the year to finish the quilts left behind by my late aunt via the Lana Bates Memorial Quilt Project series. For the full chat, view the video below, and don’t forget to like and subscribe for more!

Thanks for reading/watching and stay creative friends! Janice

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