Style File: Modern Traditional

According the the article by Ms. Emily Henderson, Modern Traditional Style is a traditional, timeless style, a little bit modern, but also a little bit worn and rustic with shaker elements. The style feels humble and lived-in, modern yet welcoming, all with an heirloom and handmade look throughout. Furniture pieces are collected and a little worn (thanks for your help on this kids!), paint isn’t too perfect, metals are mixed, lines are clean and nothing is over adorned. The overall color pallet is warm neutrals (soft whites, creams, taupe, grays, light browns) with earthy wood tones and pops of metallic. Artwork adds a highly curated pop of color and largely reflects the natural world. It’s the perfect imperfections and subtle, simple details and just a few decorations that make the look. AGH! So. Perfectly. My. Home. Here are some examples from our newly renovated dining room.