Vintage Dresses Quilt

Vintage Dresses Quilt Studio Vlog

Join me in the studio to create a large throw quilt from vintage dresses! In this short studio vlog, you can watch me work through several weeks on the custom Vintage Dresses Quilt. Created using dress fabric from the 1940-50s as well as the white background fabric, and other vintage fabrics from my stash for the backing. The Vintage Dresses Quilt was completed in November 2021.

I used the Chippewa Quilt Pattern by Alison Harris for Cluck Cluck Sew and modified the size by creating 5in blocks from the skirts of the dresses. To keep the value and authenticity of the dresses, I saved several small details from each of the dresses in the pieces I chose to use. For some the detail was a label showing the designer and size, for others, it was stitchwork or a bow from the lapel. In addition to creating the front of the quilt from vintage fabric patchwork, I also used collected vintage fabrics from my stash in a combination of complementary patterns to complete the look.

I quilted the quilt using straight line quilting spaced approximately 2in apart across the entire width of the quilt to highlight the clean look of the pattern and provide durability for use. The quilt was then bound and finished with a black and white gingham to provide a solid dark frame around the perimeter.

You can read more about my experience with the Chippewa Pattern in my July 2020 blog post, Finishing the Granny Floral Chippewa Scrap Quilt. I will also be writing a detailed blog post about the Vintage Dresses Quilt soon.

Please enjoy the Studio Vlog featuring the making of the Vintage Dresses Quilt.:

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