August Trunk Sale 2019, Week 3

For the third week of the August Trunk Sale I am marking down my large quilts, art quilts, and table top quilts! The large quilts all range in size from moderate to large throws, and a few are even twin sized. I wouldn’t normally mark these large quilts down, as they take so much time, energy and materials, but this is the August Trunk Sale after all, so it’s a special occasion, right!?

The main inspirations for the August Trunk Sale were to clear some space in my studio storage cupboard so I have room to make some new things I have been dreaming up. I am thinking of changing my style slightly and exploring a few new techniques in my quilt making. This year I plan on making more of my own patterns, some of which I plan to sell. I know I advertised writing and releasing the Woven Trellis Table Runner Pattern in the spring, but it didn’t end up feeling like something I wanted to offer as a stand alone project. I want to do more. So many wonderful people are out there writing patterns for quilt and sewing projects and jumping into the mix seems really daunting if I just play it safe. In order to truly stand out and make the venture seem more worthwhile, I feel like I need to go bigger. To me sometimes going super big and bold seems less scary than playing it safe. It’s like, if I’m going to bother, I’m just going to go all in! What does that mean exactly, well, for this it means kind of creating a new pattern concept I haven’t seen out there. Basically, I plan my quilt designs will be intentionally made to showcase handwork, embroidery, or “mixed media” on the quilt. Think of them as frame settings almost. I guess that makes this a double announcement that I will be exploring the idea of more art quilts and mixed media in my work as well. I have inks and stamping materials ready to go!

Current handmade quilts and soft goods stock.

A second inspiration for the trunk sale is to help pay off my new Janome Skyline S5 sewing machine! A few months ago I noticed my old Brother machine that I have had probably six or so years had been making more and more noise and having more and more tension and other issues every time I would sew. I knew the writing was on the wall for a new machine. Then, at the end of July, my Brother just started making horrible clunking sounds and not working properly. Luckily we had a family trip planned that took us right past a sewing machine store and I was able to pop in and check out some Janomes. I had never used such a powerful machine before, but once I saw what it could do I knew I needed to level up my sewing machine game! I will share more about my Janome Skyline S5 in the future, but so far I am LOVING working with it!

Please don’t forget to check back to the August Trunk Sale for the last few weeks and get some awesome quilts and soft goods for your home and gifting needs. Pass along the info to friends and family you think might be interested too! Your support of my small creative business means so much to me!

I’ll be back soon with week 4 specials and an update of projects I am hoping to complete this autumn! Have a great week! xoxo, Janice

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