Writer's Block Throw Quilt

2019/20 Works In Progress Review Video

As a life-long crafter and artist, I have started many more projects than I have completed. Like anyone else, I abandon projects for various reasons. It may be I am no longer interested in the original vision of the project, but most likely it is either because I ran out of a supply or got stuck as to how to finish. Right now I am in a challenge with myself to finish as many outstanding works in progress as possible. Join me as I walk you through what I have outstanding and how I plan to take it from “to do” to “ta done.”

Along with the goal of finishing as many WIPs as possible this autumn, I would like to take my business deeper into philanthropy with quarterly quilts for charity. Roughly each quarter I plan to make one quilt that will be auctioned off with all proceeds (minus a small supply fee, so I can keep it up) going to a rotating selection of non-profit organizations. Quilts may be slightly themed toward the non-profit, such as the Writer’s Block Throw Quilt proceeds going to fund classroom supplies, or the upcoming November Stars and Straps quilt going to fund a veterans’ charity. Right now I am thinking of having Ebay for Charity host the programs, as I feel it will make it largely accessible and transparent for people to bid and feel confident about. I hope to have this up and running shortly and will obviously make an additional post when I do so. 

I hope you will support my new endeavor, as doing more for the community at large has been on my heart for a while and I am happy to be finally doing something to get the vision out into the world. xoxo, Janice

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