Baby Bunny Teething Buddies

Spring and summer are my favorite seasons of the year, not unlike a lot of people, I’d presume. Just like my garden, I feel myself waking up from winter’s sleepy auto-pilot with a rush of new ideas often coming alongside the new shoots in the garden. This year, one of those new ideas was for the Baby Bunny Teething Bunny.

Bunny nests in my garden are a common occurrence in spring.

We live in a semi-rural location nestled within a partially wooded hill. Along with the beautiful scrubby tree cover comes a lot of wildlife, wild rabbits chiefly among the the critters roaming our yard. Spring is the season of baby bunnies here. We often find new nests of bunnies dug into the garden beds- or just the yard- hastily covered with freshly mowed grass as their only means of cover. While we try to leave them undisturbed, they are truly everywhere and our paths often cross. And though they eat all of the veggies I plant like my own invading Peter Rabbits, they are darn cute.

Now the season of bunnies has also offered sewing inspiration in the form of these Baby Bunny Teething Buddies. Made from minky dimple dot with hand cut cotton fabric accents, each teething buddy is as plush and adorable as the baby bunnies running through my yard, but unlike the wild bunnies, can be cuddled by your little one. To accentuate the uniqueness of each bunny, hand embroidery face details have been added in a cotton embroidery floss specially chosen to coordinate with the fabrics. Every teething buddy has a natural wooden teething ring affixed with a quadruple line of zigzag stitching to a reinforced arm for your little one to amuse their bulging gums. The interior of the bunny has a light layer of Warm and Natural 100% cotton batting for a bit of shaping that can be easily washed and thoroughly dried when necessary.

My adorable model Penelope seemed to really enjoy her new baby bunny friend! And I hope your little one will enjoy their’s too. Look for more variations to hit the shop soon, and if you don’t see your little one’s favorite color combo, don’t hesitate to reach out via the contact form for collaborations. Purchase a Baby Bunny Teething Bunny here.

Happy Spring! xoxo Janice

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