How To Build Your Best Fabric Bundle

I love to make patchwork minky blankets because they are relatively easy to sew with unlimited possibilities. I have made dozens and dozens at this point, and love to play will all of the fabric combinations. As well as being endlessly fun to make, they are consistently one of my best sellers in the La Rue de Fleurs’ Etsy shop. Today I am going to walk you through my most recent patchwork minky fabric pull. Check out this video, demonstrating how to build your best bundle, including how to get started, what to look for and ways to flawlessly bring your own fabric choices together into a perfectly cunrated bundle.

As I mentioned above, I simply love making these minky blankets and have written extensively on the subject. Check out my past Making a Patchwork Minky blog series. In part one, I walk you through another bundle building exercise with a fun woodland theme. In part two, I share how to assemble the patchwork top and finish the blanket with a minky backing.

I have also created a six-part video series on the La Rue de Fleurs’ YouTube channel if you prefer to watch and create along with me step by step. You can check out the Patchwork Minky Blanket Mini Class playlist on YouTube here.

I have also been busy writing a version of the patchwork minky blanket as a pattern, including fabric diagrams, for the July 2022 issue of We Like Sewing magazine. Be sure to look for it this summer and follow along to create your own signature look in fabric.

I sincerely hope each of these resources was helpful to you as you enjoy your own patchwork. Thanks again for reading and watching and stay creative, friends! Janice

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