New Pattern Release: The Anniken Quilted Pillow With Appliqué

Yay! I am happy to release a new pattern to my collection after an *ahem,* year-long break! I have waited nearly a year to share the Anniken Pillow with you. Here’s why.

Timing is Everything

The Anniken Quilted Pillow with Appliqué details was originally written a year ago for publication in We Like Sewing Magazine. As a regular contributor to the magazine, I often write several patterns throughout the year. The Magazine retains copyright to exclusive publication for six months following printing. The copyright then returns to me, allowing me to promote and offer it for sale myself.

Obviously, the pattern is written somewhat with seasonality in mind. The Anniken Pillow has very sweet foliage appliqué included in the pattern. while I do believe the pattern could be made for any time of year, or non-season specific based on your color choices, the pattern was originally designed for autumn. Therefore, I waited until the calendar rolled back around to showcase it and release it to you. The Anniken Quilted Pillow with Appliqué details is currently available in the La Rue de Fleurs’ Etsy shop HERE.

What’s In a Name?

The Anniken Quilted Pillow pattern was originally inspired by Anke Kramer, a paper artist whose content I enjoy watching to get inspired for my personal scrapbooking hobby. You can view her scrapbooking and paper crafting videos on her YouTube channel HERE. Several years ago she made a layout with the triangle border down one side of the page and a large spray of floral embellishments off to the opposite side. As I watched the layout come together I thought, “That would make a perfect quilt design!” So, after the video, I sketched out the essence of her work and set about figuring out how to turn it into a quilt pattern. The name of the pattern is a tribute to Anke’s inspiring work.

Pattern Attributes

Now that you know a little backstory on the design, let me describe a little bit about the pattern itself, starting with the triangle background.

As you can see in the colored sketch above, the pattern combines the dynamic geometric triangle side border with an open background off the left side. The triangle template is included for the pillow pattern, along with all of the required amounts of fabric. Whether you’re purchasing fabric just to make the pattern or stash diving, both the full fabric requirements and the number of triangles to cut are included. Simply print and cut out the triangle template to either cut from full strips of fabric for coordinated rows, or line up on scraps to fussy cut for a totally scrappy look. With this pattern, the possibilities are endless and totally up to you!

Once you’ve created the geometric triangle background, that open side is where all of the appliqué and fun stitching details go! Included in the pattern are several foliage and one flower template for your use. You can arrange the floral and leaf templates as shown in the example sketch, or go off the book and lay them out however you would like. After you’ve laid out all of the bits and pieces, secure them with some fun decorative embroidery or top stitching to accent your work. How much or how little is totally up to you! Again, the possibilities and combinations here are endless and completely customizable.

Technical Stuff

I wholeheartedly believe in your creativity, but I also know sometimes knowing how to get started can be the first hurdle. That’s why all of my patterns are written with clear instructions and diagrams to guide you step by step through the whole process. You add the design choices, I’ll take care of the technical stuff, like how to put it all together.

The Anniken Quilted Pillow Pattern includes all templates for the pieces, so all you have to do is cut and sew. I also include detailed instructions on how to create the turned-edge appliqué in case you’ve never done it before or don’t have a method you think works well for you.

Cut, Sew, Repeat!

As I mentioned above, the Anniken Quilted Pillow Pattern with Appliqué (purchase HERE) can be made in so many ways to fit many decor styles and color choices. Go scrappy or simple. Make it again and again, playing with the foliage layout. HERE is another version I created using the same pattern, but a different arrangement of leaves.

I even include a black and white outline sketch of the pillow so you can play with color combinations before you start cutting. (Print out a few and hand them over to your kids for some really interesting color combinations!) The pattern comes together quickly, finishing at 18 inches (45cm) square, the perfect throw pillow size. Create a few (or many) as holiday gifts that will surely wow! family and friends. Just pop in some stuffing and an insert for the final fluffy touch.

If you’re someone who creates for craft sales, know that the pattern includes a Cottage Industry License, which grants you the right as a purchaser to sell small batches of the handmade pillows you create using the pattern, just not in large quantities and, obviously, not the pattern itself.

Golly, That’s Fun and Pretty!

Obviously, that’s what your friends and family will be saying when they see the fabulous Anniken Pillow you’ve made. They’ll marvel at your sewing and quilting talent, as rightly they should. But all along you’ll know it was quick and simple to create, as well as being stress-free and fun! Grab the pattern in my Etsy shop and start making your favorite version of the Annkien Pillow today!

The Anniken Quilted Pillow with Appliqué details is currently available in the La Rue de Fleurs’ Etsy shop HERE.

Next week I’ll be back with a video sew along on YouTube so you can watch me work through the pattern myself. I’ll give you the highlights (and some pitfalls) as I create another version of the Anniken Pillow in autumnal shades. Go get your pattern, pull some fabrics, and join me next week!

Thanks for checking out the Anniken Quilted Pillow Pattern with Appliqué details. Big hugs and high-fives if you choose to purchase! Janice

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