Shattered Squares Ice, Ice baby Quilt Nursery Mood Board

Shattered Squares Ice, Ice Baby Quilt

This is the quilt that helped me design the Shattered Squares Quilt pattern.  Made from half square triangles from a custom order quilt I made two years ago, I was inspired to see what new way I could come up with to use the pieces of fabric I had already cut and sewn.

The original custom quilt request and origin of the triangle pieces for this quilt.

In an effort to leave no scrap behind and achieve as close to zero waste sewing as possible, I try to keep all viable scraps and use them any time I want to play and think up a new design. Sometimes the small pieces lend themselves better to art quilts, but sometimes I have enough left-over pieces from a larger quilt to reimagine into a new quilt design. This ice-inspired Shattered Squares design is made entirely from these quarter squares from the custom Confetti Triangles Queen Quilt I made an Etsy customer in 2017.

Icy inspiration.

Laying out the quarter squares, I came up with an arrangement that had them meeting on the axis, but with the twist of a division down the center. I wanted them to be on point as well, so I added the background triangles around all four edges of the inner color blocks to create that orientation when all of the blocks were laid out together. 

The block design comping together.

With a cool color pallet already chosen by the left-overs, both gray dot prints- always on hand and a good choice,  basically a go to for me- finished everything off as both the background with the small swiss dot and as backing and binding with the oversized dot and sparrow print.

Dots and sparrows in gray are always a good idea.

I decided to quilt on the diagonal because I like the clean simplicity of line quilting and I thought it enhanced the block’s angular design and movement. Spacing the quilting at approximately 1 ½ in apart holds the quilt together well yet, doesn’t stiffen it up as much as tighter quilting and allows for that soft comfortable drape over the body when your cuddling under it.

I envision this baby quilt as the perfect addition to a simple, soft, serene nursery where light blue, orchid and gray tones are prevalent. Invoking a winter sky, the color pallet of the quilt would be enhanced with cloud wallpaper – here from Hygge and West– giving a nod to the effect and incorporate more of the swallows featured on the backing of the quilt. Simple furnishings in white and light wood tones would keep the calm, timeless vibe of the space. Additional whimsy could be added with twinkle lights and handmade cloud mobile details. I love how the Shattered Squares Ice, Ice Baby Quilt creates the mood and color scheme, but allows you personalize with details that fit your baby’s life. There you have it, the origin story of the Shattered Squares Ice, Ice Baby Quilt. 

Shattered Squares Ice, Ice baby Quilt Nursery Mood Board. Quilt for purchase at La Rue de Fleurs on Etsy. Other resources linked in the paragraph below.

The Shattered Squares Baby Quilt (Ice) is available for purchase now and the Shattered Squares Quilt Pattern will be available in March, also in th La Rue de Fleurs’ Etsy store. Stay cozy friends! xoxo, Janice

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