Sweet Heart Stitching Projects Roundup

It’s the beginning of February and obviously, it’s time to stitch up all the heart projects! In the ongoing battle to keep more scrap pieces of fabric from hitting the bins, I am focusing on small projects that use up a variety of scraps. There are so many wonderful patterns and tutorials knocking around the internet, but here are my top five sweet heart stitching projects to sew up this season!

1. Patchwork Pocket Prayer Quilt Heart by Shabby Fabrics

This patchwork pocket prayer quilt heart by Shabby Fabrics is one of the sweetest ideas out there! I love that you can use up some tiny scraps to create the free pattern. Definitely, a wonderful opportunity to personalize the print or color choices to the recipient. The idea of gifting someone a special note or prayer in the back pocket makes the project all the more precious. Sending love to the people you love is truly what quilting is all about! Watch the full tutorial on the Shabby Fabric YouTube channel below:

2. Fabric Valentine Envelope – Polkadot Chair

This fabric envelope pocket from the creative stitchers at Polkadot Chair was part of their recent post roundup of 40 Valentine projects. I am choosing to highlight the envelope project because I use up small scrap fabrics. Rather than using full pieces of fabric for the outer envelope, I would create a patchwork of small pieces. Set off the heart and stamp appliqué by backing them with a piece of solid felt and leaving a small border to separate them from the background patchwork. Check out the full tutorial HERE.

3. Scrappy Heart Mug Rug- I Sew Free

If you are a quilt enthusiast, you probably agree with the statement “you can never have too many mug rug mini quilts!” Here is a sweet version of a mini quilt using scrap squares to make a sweetheart by Primrose Cottage Quilts available on I Sew Free. If you do have too many mug rugs or mini quilts for yourself, this would also make an awesome gift!

4. Scrappy Hearts Quilt Pattern – Quilty Love

Obviously, Emily of Quilty Love is the queen of scrappy heart quilts! She comes out with a new heart quilt pattern iteration every year just in time for February! If you have larger scraps and want to maximize their use into a beautiful quilt, you can not go wrong with a Quilty Love heart quilt pattern!

5. Scrappy Strips Puffy Heart Ornament – La Rue de Fleurs

And finally, my contribution to the sweetheart stitching project round-up top five list, some scrappy strip puffy heart ornaments! I will be using up my non-traditional colored scraps left over from the Geometry Dash Quilt pattern we’ve been working through all of January.

First, sew several strips together into an approximately 5″ square. Then use a simple heart shape cut from a 5″ square of paper to trace the heart shape on the back of your pieced fabric.

Place your 5″ square RST with either a piece of felt or a solid piece of fabric and pin it in place. Insert a cut of ribbon between the two layers near the top of the heart for hanging if desired, and pin it in place to hold. Be sure to mark an approximate 2″ opening on the side to turn your fabric right side out. Now stitch around the traced heart outline, backstitching at the opening.

Flip your little heart right side out and fill it with stuffing or small batting scraps until it is nice and puffy. Use a small needle and some coordinating thread to ladder stitch the remaining opening closed.

Ta-da! The most adorable little puffy heart ornament made entirely out of scrap fabrics!

I love how you can personalize this ornament to fit a decor color scheme. Instead of just making it for Valentine’s Day in those traditional pinks and reds, try sewing up colors and patterns that match other room decor and creating a cute heart garland that extends throughout the year. There’s always time to share the love!

Here is a quick tutorial video link on how to make this cute stuffed heart ornament. Or really use up the scraps and make several to string together into a garland!

Grab the Geometry Dash Quilt Pattern for just $10 USD HERE. Watch the complete Quilt with Me! videos HERE, where we will work together to piece the entire quilt top and complete our Heather Ross Geometry Dash Quilt. After you’ve completed the pattern, join in to make this sweet ornament from the strip off-cuts!

If you join in with the video series or create the Geometry Dash Quilt on your own, don’t forget to share your work with the La Rue de Fleurs community by tagging me on IG @laruedefleurs and using the hashtags #geometrydashquilt and #zerowastesewing and #laruedefleurspatterns. I hope you’ll join me and have some fun using those large prints and strip scraps!

Stay creative, friends!

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