We Like Sewing Cover Girl

I’ve been on a bit of a summer break, but I’m popping in this week to share an exciting event. My “Writer’s Sketchbook” Patchwork Minky Blanket is the cover girl for the July 2022 issue of We Like Sewing Magazine!! Based on my top-rated patchwork minky blanket series available in written and video series of the same title, the pattern in the magazine includes all of the materials, measurements and details to create your own 60 inch square blanket. Check out the issue here, as well as the cover below: https://welikesewing.com/toc/magazine-july-2022/

I am happy to report I have become a regular contributor to the magazine, having several patterns published in 2021 and several more upcoming in 2022. However, this is my first cover issue! Whoop!

Thanks again for checking out the July 2022 issue of We Like Sewing Magazine. I will try to pop back in soon and catch you up on all the rest of my spring activities I didn’t have time to write about, but for now, I’m really enjoying my summer downtime. Have a great summer! Janice

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