Hex Quilt Block Summer Residency Video

The team from Project Yes and the TIU made this wonderful compellation video of my residency in June. The residency, which focused on the PA Dutch folk art of Hex Symbols and their meanings was interpreted by each student into their own work of self-expression. Each faux block was created from a piece of 12x 12in medium weight mixed media paper and included the central circular design. Students were directed to select symbols and colors of self expression to create their unique block. After completing the central design in the course of two sessions, students were directed to add details to the background area of the block as well as stitched details of their choosing. Along with the creation of the block, students learned about the overall properties of quilts, design principles, self expression, color theory, folk art history and basic hand stitching techniques. At the end of each class, students were lead by artist to share their work and give a brief self evaluation and explanation of what they worked on and why they made certain design choices. I have previously written and shared more about the residency in details in an earlier blog article here, but you can also watch the TIU/Project Yes video below for a visual recap of the residency.

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