Cool Tone Scrappy Plaidish Throw Quilt Finish

In mid-April, I began a cool-toned scrappy Plaidish throw quilt (using the pattern “Plaidish” from Kitchen Table Quilting) for my husband at his request he has a quilt that covered his feet when snuggling on the couch. As a rule, I do not purchase fabrics specifically for quilts to be kept in this house. I will only make people here scrap quilts. The main reasons for this being: one, since I have been making quilts under the La Rue de Fleurs’ label for eight years, I have bought a lot of fabric and have a deep, deep stash; two, I have just as many, if not more, little scraps to use that drive me batty regularly and I am always trying to make a dent in them. So when I saw the Pladish quilt pattern I just knew it was going to be perfect for my husband and use a ton of scraps. Sold! You can read about the start of the quilt in the “Starting a Cool Tone Plaidish Throw Quilt” article I wrote a few weeks ago. Today I would like to share the final steps and the finished quilt.

Making the scrappy blocks was a really fun process and I loved seeing all of the little scraps being used up. I worked to make sure colors and patterns that repeated were evenly distributed throughout the rows and columns. Therefore, I make all of my blocks first, lay them out on my floor, and move any around until I am happy with the distribution before sewing my rows together. I added an additional row to the right side, making my quilt 8 rows wide by 9 columns down. My plaidish quilt finished approximately 70 inches by 76 inches, a great large throw.

Here is a quick video of me assembling the quilt top.:

For the backing, I selected a lovely buffalo plaid flannel in a gray-blue and black combination from a local quilt shop. My husband pointed out to me that is looks an awful lot like his robe, so I guess I got his style right. I think the flannel will make it cozy for him and the hand of the fabric is extremely soft, a definite goal of any quilt backing.

The quilting I kept really simple since the fabrics already made the top quite busy. I simply followed the plaid design and quilted both horizontally and vertically in the ditches with a black Mettler thread. With such simple quilting, I was able to finish it all up and even apply the binding – also scraps- in just one day!

My husband is so happy to have his finished quilt! And I am so happy to have used this fun pattern to help reduce my scraps into something beautiful and useful! I would highly recommend the Plaidish Quilt Pattern for its ease of use, versatility and endless possibilities. Now for all the glamor shots!!

My new favorite scrappy quilt pattern in my new favorite garden spot. Expect to see more quilt pictures from here, especially once all my plants are in for the season!

If you are interested in making the Plaidish Quilt, you can grab the free pattern from Kitchen Table Quilting here.

Happy quilting friends! Janice

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5 thoughts on “Cool Tone Scrappy Plaidish Throw Quilt Finish”

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  2. This. Is the prettiest plaidish quilt I have ever seen. You did a fantastic job! I would love to make one someday. I am saving yours as an example. Keep up the good work! I know how happy your husband must be!


      Meredith, thank you so much. I am so glad you feel inspired and I hope you give it a try. Kitchen Table Quilting did a great job with this pattern and not only is it super versatile, but it also eats up those scraps!! My husband does love his quilt and sleeps with it nightly, but he’s also started requesting another one which means I may have created a monster, Haha! Janice

  3. I love this controlled color version–I’m just assembling an all scrappy one. Such a great method to throw everything into a quilt. Now I want to make one in all greens….


      Thank you so much, AnnieO. I agree, the pattern is wonderful for quickly using up the ever-growing scraps. I prefer to stick to a color pallet because the “rules” help me not feel too overwhelmed. I checked out your scrappy version which looks very fun and colorful. Happy quilting! Janice

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