DIY Zero Waste Make-Up Mini Wipes

DIY Zero-waste make-up mini wipes are a great way to use up small strips of quilting cotton that may be left over from other projects. With the addition of a terry cloth backing and some top stitching, you can replace single-use cotton balls or rounds. In addition to keeping garbage out of the landfill, you can keep scraps from accumulating in your bins as well. These make-up mini wipes are a simple DIY you can complete in about 15 minutes. Here’s how:

Materials and Supplies

  • 2, 4.5″ by 18″ strips or a combination of 12, 3.5″ by 4.5″ rectangles in cotton fabrics
  • 9″ by 18″ cut of terry cloth fabric
  • general sewing supplies, such as sewing machine, thread, and scissors

To make the zero-waste make-up wipes, you will need two strips of quilting cotton that measure approximately 4.5″ by 18″. I am repurposing a few strips of the small butterfly prints from the Heather Ross Tiger Lily Geometry Dash Quilt. Alternatively, you could use 12 rectangles measuring 4.5″ tall by 3.5″ wide in any leftover quilting cottons you love. You will also need a length of terry cloth or a towel to use for the absorbent backing that makes the wipes do their job. Other supplies include some matching thread, needles, a sewing machine, and either a pair of scissors or a rotary blade and cutting mat.

Wipe Construction

Begin by ironing your long 4.5″ by 18″ strip into six evenly spaced rectangles. Make a strong crease with a hot iron so you can have a mark approximately 3.5″ apart to sew down each side, or mark that width with a marking pen. Then lay out the strip (or individual rectangles) right side up on the terry cloth. Use a pin in the center of each section to hold the cotton fabric in place.

    Next, pop the cotton and terry cloth fabrics under your sewing machine to sew them together. Use a zigzag stitch to topstitch everything in place and define all of the edges. I began by sewing down one long side of each strip to help hold them in place while I worked my way down and through each section. To create each section, simply sew a 1/8″ seam up and down your section crease or line. Don’t forget to backstitch over the ends so they do not come apart when we cut the sections open.

    After you have sewn all of the edges and sections, flip the strips over and use your scissors or rotary blade to cut each section apart. I find it is easier to see the sections on the terry cloth fabric, especially if you’ve used a closely coordinating thread to match your cotton fabric. Make sure to be careful not to cut through any of the stitches, but if you do, simply top stitch back over that area to resecure the edge of the wipe.

    I like to keep a “garbage bowl” next to me while I do all the trimming. The terry cloth loops create a lot of little fuzzies while you cut the individual wipes apart and trim around the edges. If you cut directly over a small bowl, it really aids in cutting down the mess.

    Voila! You have created a dozen or so reusable mini wipes perfect for cleaning your make-up, earrings, or booboos!

    Follow Along on YouTube

    Making the DIY Zero Waste Make-Up Mini Wipes is a simple and fast way to use up those smaller cuts of fabric following a larger project or quilt. In an effort to reduce waste following my quilt projects, I plan to showcase several zero-waste or scrap projects using what is left over from those projects. After you’ve created the project quilt with me, pop back and hit the Zero Waste Playlist HERE for some projects to use up those scraps. Each project in the playlist will focus on small, simple projects with a nod to replacing waste or single-use items in the home. The scraps here are from the Geometry Dash Quilt quilt series and pattern, which you can watch HERE or purchase HERE.

    Here is the very first installment in the Zero Waste series, the Make-Up Mini Wipes:

    How to Use Your DIY Mini Wipes

    As soon as I was done creating my wipe set, I popped them into a recycled candle jar and added them onto our bathroom vanity stand to replace those pesky single-use cotton rounds. Now each time someone needs to splash them with a bit of rubbing alcohol to clean a scrape or pair of earrings, they can just be tossed into the washing machine. I would probably recommend washing them up in a garment bag, just so the little buggers don’t get lost or stuck inside a pant leg. Otherwise, I bet they will be useful for a lot of cleaning to come!

    In addition to making these for your home, they would make a great gift for a sustainable-minded friend or relative. Simply tailor your fabric choices to their favorite colors or bathroom decor for an instant, pocket-friendly gift!

    Grab the Geometry Dash Quilt Pattern for just $10 USD HERE. Watch the complete Quilt with Me! videos HERE, where we will work together to piece the entire quilt top and complete our Heather Ross Geometry Dash Quilt. After you’ve completed the pattern, join in to make these cute wipes from any off-cuts!

    If you join in with the video series or create the Geometry Dash Quilt on your own, don’t forget to share your work with the La Rue de Fleurs community by tagging me on IG @laruedefleurs and using the hashtags #geometrydashquilt and #zerowastesewing and #laruedefleurspatterns. I hope you’ll join me and have some fun using those large prints and strip scraps!

    Stay creative, friends!

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