Sweet Life Quilt Update

Last week I finished all of the blocks for my “Field Study” Sweet Life bed quilt. I had to work a few evenings on the quilt like I used to do when my kids were young due to schooling them during the day. I would like to say I love the nostalgia of it, but I don’t. I have really gotten used to having a lot of creative time during the day and the uninterrupted stretches of quiet focus. Going backward and loosing that time was not in the plan. But, really, Covid-19 and all of the challenges and adjustments that have come with it probably haven’t been in anyone’s plans. Whatever. We must soldier on regardless and make the best of things.

So, again, I went back to sewing more in the evenings and on the weekend mornings to get more of my creative work done. I was happy to be able to assemble all of my blocks in one short morning. The large 18.5in of the Sweet Life block pattern really moves the project along and it is so satisfying to have a large quilt in a small amount of time and piecing.

To create the sashing I used another one of my all-time favorite floral prints from Maureen Cracknell, a fellow PA native. Her florals are gorgeous. The one I chose has whispy multi-colored flowers and stems on an off-white background I felt mixed well with the low volume look of the other background fabrics. There is a touch more color in the sashing, but it still allows the focus to remain on the center blocks.

The top is all assembled and I love it! Next up I need to put together a backing fabric. I am thinking I will use most of the leftover cuts of the Field Study and other feature prints in large blocks. I also saved and pieced the corner bits from my feature blocks into several dozen half-square triangles I plant to piece into a large stripe for the backing area too. I do not want to miss out on any opportunity to include all of my favorite bits of fabric in this quilt!

Wishing you creativity and inspiration, friends! Janice

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2 thoughts on “Sweet Life Quilt Update”

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  2. Janice, I’m so loving your progress! This is so gorgeous! Thank you for your update. Maureen’s fabric give your quilt a lovely old timey feel, I just love it!

    It’s funny, the piece you have hanging your quilt looks like a Shaker chair hanger?! I went to Shaker Village Workgroup in the 70s in New Lebanon, NY for 2 summers, making Shaker crafts. They were an amazing group, creating the closepin and the flat broom.

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