Top Five: Autumn Home Decor Ideas

The cooler temperatures and our desire to stay in and get cozy make autumn the perfect season to (pumpkin) spice up your home with beautiful autumn decorations. Autumn and all of it’s warm rich tones and layered textures provide the perfect opportunity to play with many textiles throughout the home to truly enhance the cozy vibe. Here are my Top Five autumn home decor ideas for a cozy, whimsical, yet sophisticated home this autumn.

1. Deep Blue Tones- Sarabeth McElhaney, The February Fox

Deep blue tones with rust and cream.

Oh, I have to agree with Sarabeth of The February Fox blog on this one! I am loving the combination of deep blues with all of the more traditional tones we associate with an autumn color scheme like rust and orange. Likely because they are opposite on the color wheel and contrasting colors, they really play off one another and are interesting and pleasing to the eye. I don’t think I’ve seen many combinations like this and I always love a new and unexpected colorway.

The addition of cozy textures would also enhance this combination. Try my DIY Sweater Pumpkin Tutorial to make either cream or blue fabric pumpkins to enhance this look.

2. Minimalist Halloween – NeatNTiny blog

Honestly, I am not a big Halloween fan. Dressing up for candy looses all of it’s allure when I can just pop out to the shop and buy whatever treats I want in whatever clothes I want. However, I am a mother and with that comes a certain responsibility to make the holidays festive and fun. Therefore, I try to add a little home décor even for my least favorite holidays. Enter these fabulous ideas from NeatNTiny Blog. Minimalist Halloween with just a few statement pieces or simple black and white decorations is my speed. They décor also has the option of just looking good year round if simple and spooky is your vibe all year too.

3. Neutral and Natural – Jessica, Itty Bitty Farmhouse Blog

I think what I like best about Jessica of Itty Bitty Farmhouse blog’s autumn home is how she layers in so many natural elements with her neutral farmhouse home décor already in place. Honestly, I can’t say I ever really thought of bringing many gourds and pumpkins into my home to layer up in nooks and crannies the way she has, but I love it.

Again, I think working in a few more fabric textures and layers here would enhance the look of the warm and neutral tones. Try adding texture and colors of the season with an autumn print Woven Trellis Table Runner from La Rue de Fleurs.

4. White and Harvest Gold – Home With Holiday Blog

Another color scheme I can get behind is the white and harvest gold combination from the Home With Holiday blog. Sleek black and white accessories we likely all have at home year-round mix well with touches of the harvest hues of goldenrod flowers. If you’re in the mood to be thrifty, it would be very simple to source some goldenrod flowers from a roadside walk to instantly and cheaply achieve the look. I love the accent of just a few well placed white and golden-toned pumpkins to complete the overall effect.

5. Autumn Textiles – Shannon, Fox Hollow Cottage Blog

Obviously, I am a quilter and textile artist, so I am drawn to fibers in the home and believe they are the number one way to layer up color and texture in the home. Autumn textiles with their warm hues and tartan designs are timeless. I love the way Shannon of Fox Hollow Cottage Blog layers in just a few autumn-hued tartan blankets and pillows for just a touch of the season without overwhelming the home with decor.

I think most of the decor styles I have shown in the Top Five Autumn Home Decor Ideas proves once again a little touch of decor can go a long way in your home to provide a very livable nod to the holidays without having to haul or store loads of decor for each season. A few considered pieces definitely provide just enough seasonal change to keep the home lively and inviting for each passing holiday without looking as though you live in a product catalog. Below are a few simple pieces from the La Rue de Fleurs shop that would work in nicely with several of the looks above if you are interested in adding in more seasonal textures and a touch of handmade into your holiday decor. If you prefer to make your own handmade decor, the Woven Trellis Table Runner Linens Bundle PDF pattern is also available for purchase in my Etsy shop and includes several patterns for creating a table linens wardrobe perfect for adding those personal touches to your home decor for any season. Please check out the La Rue de Fleurs Pinterest board Holiday Home for additional ideas and inspirations.

Stay creative friends, xoxo Janice

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