The Finished Field Study Sweet Life Quilt

Yay! I finished my Field Study fabrics Sweet Life pattern queen quilt! It is really large and in charge and I will not be selling or even sharing it. Ha! Honestly, even though I have been making quilts for over ten years, I had never made one exclusively for my own use until this. Why, I have no idea. Maybe it always felt like if I wasn’t making something to sell or for someone else it wasn’t productive enough. But this year, with all of the Covid-19 stuff, I am letting go of a lot of those old productivity hang-ups. The more time I spend realigning my values to my life, the more confident I feel in letting go of a constant need for productivity. And, I deserve pretty things too- especially because I have all of the skills to make them for myself!

Front and back of the quilt hanging off our front story for size reference.
Backing details.

As you can see, I did finish the backing of the Field Study Quilt with the left over yardage from my blocks. The Anna Maria Horner fabrics have such amazing big, bold prints, I just couldn’t imagine not finishing the back as beautifully as the front.

No scrap left behind! Each corner was used up to make this chevron strip for the back.

I was also so happy to use up all of the little corner cuttings by making half-square triangles and piecing them into a large strip for the center of the backing. Truly, no scrap was left behind in the making of this quilt!

Quilting details.

The quilting is simple straight lines across the horizontal of the quilt in approximately 1 3/4 spacing with natural colored thread. I began the quilting by following the ditch of the flying geese blocks and sashing. Then I went back through and filled in between those stitch lines making the quilting tighter and more pronounced. I really like the extra weight and stiffness the extra stitch lines give too.

To complete the quilt, I made the binding out of a taupe floral print from a local quilt shop. I debated going with leftover sashing pieces and a variety of neutral low volumes like the block backgrounds, but it was becoming way too busy, so I am glad I went with a simple, slightly darker fabric to frame the quilt.

I prefer to machine sew my binding down. I have made a short binding tutorial on my YouTube channel for those interested in viewing my technique.

I have been enjoying using my Filed Study quilt so, so much! I have found that it is the perfect weight for the chilly nights of autumn in PA. It is likely I will layer the quilt with an additional down blanket during the deep cold of winter because I like to be extra warm when I sleep. All of the colors of the quilt and the beautiful prints from Anna Maria Horner and Art Gallery fabrics make a gorgeous display on my bed- on the days I actually make it! It makes me so happy to have included all of my favorite prints from the past several years in one piece I can use and enjoy.

Art for the bed.
Snuggling and enjoying the fruits of my labor.

I hope you enjoyed the story of the Field Study Sweet Life Queen Quilt! If you missed the first two entries on the topic, check them out here and here.

Stay quilty friends, Janice

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  1. Gorgeous quilt and finish Janice. The fabric you chose for the binding is perfect. I love it all, stunning front, and pieced back. I tend to try and use wide backs because I don’t like piecing them, but you might get me at least to try the few baby and comfort quilts I need to finish.

    Enjoy snuggling under your beautiful creation, with that down comforter (I’m there with you!) this winter, reminiscing about those lovely summer flowers to come.

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